Whispers in the Wiring

A loss of life, a loss of faith

With the death of his identical twin brother, Ross, Catholic Priest, Rupert Brown loses a part of himself while gaining guardianship of his fifteen-year-old niece, Neti. Burdened with grief and questioning his faith, Rupert attempts to recreate a family home for Neti, made more difficult by the sudden return of her mother after a ten year absence. When he is invited by Athena Nevis, a neuroscientist and atheist, to take part in her research on the nature of heightened religious experiences, he questions the whispers in his wiring that drove him to his life-long vocational choice of the priesthood. Both Athena and Rupert's interest begins to extend beyond their professional relationship, bringing his spiritual crisis to an unexpected conclusion. 

Amanda Apthorpe’s debut novel is a must read
— Good Reading Magazine - June 2012
Amanda’s novel captivated the judges with it’s intriguing subject matter
— Atlas Productions Award Announcement - April 2011
Well written, excellent book, enjoyed reading it
— Smashwords review - January 2012
Mrs Apthorpe has beaten several hundred other hopefuls to a publishing contract with boutique Australian publisher Atlas Productions as first prize in the Atlas Awards.
— Leader Newspaper - May 2011