You're adamant that, one day, you're going to write a novel. Perhaps it's the novel, the one that's been roaming through your neurones for … How long? Really? 

So, let me ask you: When is this going happen? 

The average novel sits somewhere between 80,000 - 120,000 words. That's a lot. Thinking, dreaming, ruminating, and even researching is NOT going to get it done. This might come as a surprise but … you have to write (or type) the words!

In this blog I'll offer suggestions for getting those words down based on my experience as a writer, as a teacher of creative writing, and as an academic. 

You might glean some ideas about:

  • Generating ideas - those who want to write a novel, but not quite sure what it will be about;
  • Time Management - for those of us who let the rest of life, and more commonly our attitude, too easily sabotage our writing time.
  • Finding your own Voice;
  • Characterisation - bringing your characters to life;
  • Dialogue
  • Description
  • Plot and Structure
  • Point of View
  • Tense
  • General writing ideas and suggestions

So … Join me, and let's get those words on to the page. No more missing ink! 

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