Book title:    The Secret Chord

Author:    Geraldine Brooks


The Secret Chord: Annointed as the chosen one when just a young shepherd boy, David will rise to be king, grasping the throne and establishing his empire. But his journey is a tumultuous one and the consequences of his choices will resound for generations. In a life that arcs from obscurity to fame, he is by turn hero and traitor, glamorous young tyrant and beloved king, murderous despot and remorseful, diminished patriarch. His wives love and fear him, his sons will betray him. It falls to Natan, the courtier and prophet who both counsels and catigates David, to tell the truth about the path he must take. 


The Secret Chord: I have come to expect that, as the winner of numerous awards for her novels, including the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for March, Geraldine Brooks will deliver a great read, and she has done it again. The story of David, told by the courtier and prophet Natan kept me spellbound throughout. I felt as though David had stepped from the pages of the Old Testament to meet me - not just as the legendary boy slayer of Goliath and ultimately mighty king, but as a man who lived pasionately, who overlooked the shortcomings of the sons he loved, and was at the same time ruthless and compassionate. I am resolved to return to my battered copy of the Bible with new appreciation for the remarkable stories between its covers. My admiration for Brook’s writing ability has hit a new height: in this 384 page novel, there is not a single sentence that is not beautifully crafted. Fabulous. 

Rating: Five star: Absolutely loved it. Dont’ pass this one up.


AuthorAmanda Apthorpe