It's hard to believe that it's now over four years since I made the decision to leave full-time employment to 'follow my dream' and a while since I documented its progress. In this time I have had the great blessing of seeing both my novels published by the wonderful Atlas Productions and finished my PhD. Teaching creative writing and editing, assessing manuscripts, giving papers at conferences and working alongside other writers - my tribe - confirms for me that I made the right decision and that when something calls you, you have to answer. 

So … London's calling again. Last year I attended the Great Writing conference and I'm off again in two weeks to be immersed in all things writing and an expanding tribe that represents over forty countries. The conference itself is only two days, but the rest of the time, other than wandering the streets of London in perfect bliss, I'll be conducting my own personal writing retreat. I've heard it said that a writer doesn't hit her straps until the third novel and I think it's true. My third is providing me with great joy and considerable challenges negotiating the five central characters. They need my attention and they're going to get it in the little cell in the convent that is my home in London. I'm not leaving until it's finished! And I have the extra incentive of its publication in February 2017. 

How lucky am I? Very! What a journey. 

AuthorAmanda Apthorpe