The launch of A Single Breath continues to be an exciting ride and I've been so thrilled with the feedback so far. 

Attended a fabulous masterclass on novel writing in Perth at the weekend. The acclaimed author Kathryn Heyman was so inspiring  and I've come away enriched and excited to pour it into One Core Belief (working title) the latest novel project, and in my teaching. The projects that other members of the class are working on are fascinating and I can't wait to buy them when they hit the shelves. 

I've been so fortunate this year to extend my writing journey into national and international forums - Wellington, London and Perth. Absorbing myself in the writing world and sharing the highs and lows (usually one of self-confidence) of the journey with others is uplifting. 

But (ok, I know it's a conjunction) having my second novel gently taken from my hands and sent on its way into the world has been the most wonderful event this year. Thanks Atlas. 





AuthorAmanda Apthorpe