Time to take stock of the writing journey thus far.

For those of you who followed from my earliest blogs, you will recall how the publication of my first novel Whispers in the Wiring (and other factors) prompted my decision to leave a very comfortable, happy and secure position in a most excellent school to follow another dream - to write. Was it a foolish decision? I'm not young, and conversations centred around security and superannuation make my heart race with anxiety. But I didn't want to wonder. I didn't want to face myself in the 'end' with a 'why didn't you have a go'. I decided I'd rather go down fighting for a dream, if that's what should happen, than let it all dry up because I was too scared to try.

It's over three years now and where has the writing journey taken me? Further inward, and further outward. I continue to 'teach' writing to the most remarkable students, but learn so much more from them - about writing, about life, and am astounded and humbled by the transformative power of the writing process. 

I travel - to Wellington last December, and to London in June, to give papers at conferences on creative writing where I meet like-minded souls who are dedicated, passionate writers and teachers too. I've found my tribe!

And my own writing and publishing dreams? I have been blessed with a literary guardian angel, who sweeps my manuscripts from me and takes care of the whole irksome business of publication and, more importantly, believes in me as a writer. 

I still don't get enough time to write, but am not doing too badly. My first novel Whispers in the Wiring is to be republished, the second A Single Breath is out on 1 September, and my third is in progress and providing me with the joy of writing. And that's what it's all about. 

So, how would I view the journey so far? - unpredictable, scary, thrilling, big moments of insecurity, big moments of confidence. I love that I am open for opportunities that come so unexpectedly, that I took a chance on myself. and that I can say with confidence … I am a writer. 


AuthorAmanda Apthorpe