It's been a while since I updated the journey since I left full-time employment to 'follow my dream' to write. That was four years ago! So hard to believe. Since that time I completed my PhD and finished the second novel and have had the joy of both first and second novels published by the fabulous Atlas Productions. Teaching creative writing and editing over these four years, assessing manuscripts and attending conferences has been such a joy. Being absorbed in the writing community and working alongside other writers - my tribe - provides me incredible satisfaction that I made the right decision four years ago. It wasn't that I was unhappy then, or that I didn't work with fabulous people; I did, but when something else calls you, you have to answer it. 

So … for the second year in a row, London's calling. The Great Writing conference last year was so stimulating and, with forty countries represented, my tribe expanded. So … two weeks to go. The conference itself only goes for two days, but I will be using the rest of the time to absorb myself in my third novel - a writing retreat. I've heard it said that a writer only starts to hit her straps by the third one, and I think that might be the case. It's bringing me so much joy and considerable challenges, but I've got to get it finished because my fabulous publisher will have it out in February 2017. How lucky am I? Very. What a journey!

AuthorAmanda Apthorpe