It's been nearly two years now since I began these blogs, tracking my own progress after leaving full-time work to 'follow my dreams'. It's been an interesting process. Committing myself to print has allowed me to view it from a more detached perspective, revealing certain patterns of my own psyche. The journey itself has had its ups and downs. I have been beleaguered by doubts about the wisdom of my decision and, predictably, doubts about my own talent. I have worried about getting enough employment, and about how wisely I have used my 'free' time to write. On the other side of that, I found new paths of work that have brought me great joy, in particular teaching creative writing.  Rupert, Neti and Athena from my published novel have continued on their journey in the world and I have been so moved by the comments of readers who have loved them as much as I do; I was almost brought to tears by one who recently said that she missed them in the weeks after she had finished reading the book. Of course, life has thrown in more ups and downs as a backdrop to it all, but hey, what's new? I've recognised that I am an over-doer, but on the other hand, there's so much to do that I enjoy. I've put in a lot of energy over these last two years. I knew that it would have to be so when I started the journey. Has it been worth it? A resounding 'YES'. To those of you who have been reading the blogs, I thank you for your forbearance of my self-absorption, and for your 'likes'. There's been enough navel-gazing now. My purpose for 2014 is to simply write, simply work, simply love and, hopefully, simply laugh ... a lot. I will continue the blogs but with emphasis on creative writing and literature. Happy New Year. Namaste. 

AuthorAmanda Apthorpe