After re-reading my last blog I began to wonder if my new year's resolution was to not write another one! The promise made to myself at the close of 2012 was to focus my attention on what is important to me (family aside!). If you read any of my earlier posts, you will see that I spread myself widely last year. When I look back, I can see that, within the optimism of 're-inventing' myself, was a certain amount of panic, and a difficulty in letting go of the perception I had of myself for over twenty-five years. Quite a bit of last year's energy was spent laying foundations. I would like to say they were 'new', but mostly they were still concerned with teaching, just teaching different things: yoga and creative writing. This is not a negative. In fact I have come to accept with pride and humility that teaching is a very significant part of who I really am, and this year I have reaped the rewards of the energy expended last year. However, a shift has occurred in that I truly and utterly know that writing is the ultimate expression of who I am; even 'saying' that now is an affirmation of that shift. My resolution for 2013. To write. To learn how to write beautifully, and then to learn how to write even better. A life-long commitment to the craft. That's my focus. 

AuthorAmanda Apthorpe