2010 continues...

Ever felt like there is something between you and knowing the answers? I call it The Veil. My Life Coach (LC) and I talk a bit about this phenomenon. The Veil is thin. I can see the size and shapes of the things I want in my life, but can't quite see them clearly enough. I'm certain that it will be a simple thing that lifts that veil - an 'aha' moment, but for the moment it seems that that simple thing is known only to the blessed and people who read The Secret. In the meantime, i have bills to pay, a family to love and a job to do. Enough navel pondering. I need to be more Zen and focus on the moment, find joy in sitting through endless staff meetings, try a new diet to give me more energy, do more yoga, be more selfless, be more grateful, think more abundantly, radiate joy, be here now... ahhhh!! But in spare moments I'm designing my bookshop cafe, thinking about doing another CAE course to learn how to make it a success, and in the meantime my novels are gathering another year of dust, just as my ambition is.  

AuthorAmanda Apthorpe