These blogs are a record of the process towards my big decision to quit work and follow my dreams. Given that my mind is often in the scrambled state of a left-over's omelette , I apologise in advance if they transcribe to the written page in the same form.

I had said that I had given away a full-time career, one that was far from unpleasant. Somedays, I remind myself of that in a berating way, especially when there is little income and the coffers are depleting. So... going back to 2010. The two novels are in the cupboard if you recall and I  have enough rejections to line the walls of a large dog's kennel. I am 6 years in to a Phd at Melb Uni, but do at least have a novel to show for it (the second one in the cupboard) and am plodding, no that sounds too sure-footed, stumbling my way through the research component. (I blame of course all the distractions in my life (and there are many!) for not finishing the thesis, for not allowing enough time for creative writing). Life at work is predictable, but also becoming a lot more demanding and therein lie the problems. I'm getting very tired and I envisage that, if I keep up the current lifestyle, I will have to work for.. perhaps another ten years. I'm about to clock up 25 years so the thought of staying in the one place for 35 years is abhorrent. But I could. It would be safe, I'd have a fair Super, but I would continue to watch my ageing process in the Staff toilet mirror and I didn't like what I was seeing. If I was going to 'jump ship' it would have to be now, but what would I do? I didn't want to go to another school, I would start at the bottom of the totem pole and I was too proud for that. So, I began to dream of other things I could do, most of which didn't involve writing at all because I was losing faith that I would ever be published. An opportunity arose to have six phone sessions with a Life Coach. Now, you need to understand that, although I am a reader of Self-Help books (I can't believe I've admitted that publicly) I cringed at the idea of having someone 'guide' me through my life. That just seemed to confirm that I really was worthy of those rejections. But this was to help someone out with their course and, it was free. 

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AuthorAmanda Apthorpe