Of course I feel dejected when those envelopes appear. Although the word 'rejected' is not actually used in the publishers' letters, there's no escaping that's what it is. Good souls remind you of the now famous authors who were passed over by now regretful publishing houses, but when you're hanging out the washing, removing brown banana skins from school bags, putting out the bins in your trackies and thick socks, you don't really feel like you're in their league! Coming to grips with our own 'ordinariness' can be humbling. It can be deflating to the point that you can become paralysed with the 'what's the point?'. But, in truth, we're all ordinary, and all remarkable, and I remind myself (as I record the offending publisher so that I don't send anything to them again) that my strength is my ordinariness. That's what I write best because that's what I know and that's my market, I hope. 

Next post: 'Whispers' comes out of the cupboard.

AuthorAmanda Apthorpe